Zwanger en Mama trainster: Veronica


Teacher Veronica


Teaches in English


Sportive workouts

Pink female world

Hello! I am Veronica, an Italian Kinesiologist and posturologist. I live in Eindhoven since almost 2 years with my husband and my 2, super cute, adopted red cats. I like to travel, eat good food and meet new people.

Womens trainster @ Mini & Mom

As I Kinisolagist I focus on the womens body so we can recover the imbalance.

I started to study the Pilates method to become a professional teacher 5 years ago and i really love it! In every class I try to do my best to give a good body experience. 

I am specialized in women and pregnancy training because I like to be part of the pink female world.

I love to teach and I think is the most beautiful job ever.

Hope to meet you in my classes at Mini & Mom!