Prenatal Yoga Eindhoven

Yoga during pregnancy (English class)

Prenatal Yoga Eindhoven

Why prenatal yoga?



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Are you looking for prenatal Yoga in Eindhoven, but do not feel like a ‘puff course’ or ‘tea party’? You have come to just the right place! At Mini & Mom we are offering wonderfully and modern Prenatal Yoga.

What is Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal Yoga aims at strengthening your body and reducing pregnancy ailments. With our prenatal Yoga classes you ensure a flexible and strong body which makes giving birth easier. In addition, you learn different postures and breathing exercises to relax deeply so you can more easily cope with contractions and experience less pain during delivery.

Instead of focusing on what you can no longer do, we focus on what you can do!

What is Prenatal Yoga at Mini & Mom?

You often see prenatal Yoga classes in form of pregnancy courses. The most part of the meetings mainly consists of theory and ultimately you only do a few exercises. Our prenatal Yoga lessons are quite the opposite! We have been put together active lessons and we believe in learning by doing.
In such a way that you can start at any time during your pregnancy and when you feel comfortable. You can even participate until the very end of your pregnancy. Often prenatal Yoga is started around the 12th week of your pregnancy, but we provide the flexibility to start with prenatal Yoga any time later which suits you best. It is never too late to start! During the lessons and exercises we focus on learning to control your breathing in all sorts of different positions and to also relax. So you are really engaged in Yoga throughout the lesson.

And of course you are welcome to drink a cup of tea with us before or after class.

Schedule Prenatal Yoga English class

Follow our Prenatal Yoga class on our location in Eindhoven on the following times:

Eindhoven: Monday 08.15 PM. 



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