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Prenatal yoga in Eindhoven (English speaking teacher)

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Prenatal Yoga

Mom of 2 dougthers

Preparation of giving birth

Hi everyone, I am Tahreem! A wife, a mother of two girls (4 and 1), a travel enthusiast, and an avid yoga practitioner and teacher. I moved from Canada to the Netherlands in 2015 with my husband. I was introduced to yoga in 2011 and since then it has remained in integral part of my life. In 2019, I completed my yoga teacher training and since then I have been teaching hatha, flow, and restorative Yoga while continuing to deepen my knowledge.

Pregnancy yoga

I am particularly interested in exploring the mind-body connection and the part that yoga plays in it. During my second pregnancy, I developed a prenatal yoga practice for myself and it totally changed how I experienced the pregnancy and the connection to my baby. Not only did I feel calm and relaxed but also had more energy and a general positive outlook. I would like to share my learning and, through my teaching, support people through the process of adjusting to the changes that pregnancy brings on all levels.

What I also find very interesting and beautiful is that yoga can really make your birth easier!  By prenatal yoga you learn to cope with the pain during your delivery, for example by adopting different postures and breath. A real added value if you ask me… 

I think it’s an honor to be able to guide you in this during the pregnancy yoga at Mini & Mom.


Hope to see you soon at Mini & Mom!